Upgrade Your Home With Cloth Napkins

Sometimes it is the simple touches that make your home look truly unique and allow you to live greener. These additions don't have to be expensive either. Fancy silverware, cloth napkins, and glass plates, can all elevate your living space and give it more charm and character.

Most people use paper napkins for meals. While they are convenient, they also get thrown away and end up in our landfill. If you rely heavily on paper napkins, why not try cloth ones? They are classy and make eating seem more special. They don't create waste, and can be used over and over again. When they get dirty just throw them in the wash.

ad1.Whole-sale-cloth-napkins-1.jpgCloth napkins are nothing new. They have been used for years. They were produced in eras where things were meant to last. Our throwaway culture is easy, but it produces huge amounts of waste. Using cloth napkins will also save you money over the life of the napkin. Yes, they are more expensive up front, but they become dramatically cheaper as time goes by.

You don't just have to stick to boring white cotton napkins either. You can find them in plenty of different prints and colors. It is best to invest in two or three sets so you will always have fresh napkins available to use.

Cloth napkins are fun to dress up because you can find so many cute napkin rings for them. Of course, you can always just fold them up and put them next to your plate on the table. While most people think of cloth napkins for formal dining, they work great for casual use as well. Just use them in place of Restaurant napkins. The earth will thank you for it.

It also helps to have a designated area where you keep the cloth napkins, especially if you have kids. Children will always go for the paper towels first, so be sure to explain where the cloth napkins are. This way they will be sure to use them. While it might seem like more work using cloth napkins, it really isn't. Just toss them in with the laundry, fold them up, and put them in their special drawer.

Making small changes like stopping your use of disposable paper products can raise your awareness and make the earth a better place. While you are at it, throw out the paper plates and disposable cups as well. Eating on glass or ceramic plates are better for your health and better for the environment.

Paper plates and cups can leak chemicals into your food and drinks, while glass and ceramic are completely food safe. It is worth spending the extra bit of time to takes to clean them. And again, you will save money in the long run.

Doing what you can to live a greener lifestyle is good for your health and good for the earth's health. Don't be one of the people that throws away huge amounts of disposable products. Switch over to a greener lifestyle today.